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You bet! Once your order is completed, we email it to the address that you provided. We might be good looking, but you don't have to stop in to see and can just print at home! NOTE: Some shows will allow you to show it with your phone and some won't. Best to print to be certain.

FURTHER NOTE: if a ticket outlet won't email your voucher/ticket to you, be cautious...

Orders are processed during "official" hours of 9-4 daily and we email them to you. We are usually here early and stay late, but our phones become exclusive to guests visiting in person outside those hours. If the tickets are to be used under 6 hrs from purchase, please call us at 888-470-5725. Pick up is at our 24 hr location whether or not sales are active at 700 Blue Meadows Rd. Some after hours assistance can be found at 417-239-0133 opt 21.

No worries! We have a 24-hour location where we keep all of our online orders just in case. Palace View Resort 700 Blue Meadows Rd. There is a gate, but just push the call button and personnel will see you. If you're nice, we will let you in. The 24-hr desk number is 417-239-0133 opt 21. The regular ticket phone 9a-4p Central time is 888-470-5725.

We are strictly tickets! We are one of the only full-service, seats-assigned, discount ticket outlets in town that doesn't try to sell you anything else. We are here just to help you have fun without the hassle! Can you believe it?

Absolutely! After you purchase online with us, we ensure that your seats are set and then email the order back to you. You don't have to go to the theater and make your reservation; we do all the work so that you don't have to. NOTE: there are a small number of shows that have open seating and it will be indicated on your order.

Here’s the deal: there is always a better price somewhere but it will cost you in other ways. We are an anomaly with being full service, seats assigned, discount, and only selling tickets. The only thing we give away is great advice and service. Besides, we are too much fun to pass up!

Our manager's mom says so!

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At Branson Ticket Deals, we've been in the business for 25 years and we enjoy helping you select the best shows and attractions for you. We believe in custom experiences and we know Branson entertainment! Our job is to do our best to help you have a great vacation at a wonderful price!

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